Daniela Pesendorfer

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Lighted box  2004 | 82x74x15 cm Lighted box 2004 | 82x74x15 cm
This artwork starts with a black and white photography of the Generali-building in Linz.

The artist cuts the photography into strips along architectural lines of the building and puts the strips together with a littel distance to each other. The exact chosen distance between the strips makes vewers think that the empty parts are missing. This also lets the building rise higher and creates a skyscraper.
Is a skyscraper still an eyecatcher in Linz?

What importanze do glass-constructions have nowadays?
What do they mean for us, and what impression do they realy give us from outside?

With the help of a special film the photography is given a transparent effect. The photography is shown in a glass-and aluminium box, lighted from the back with two fluorescent lamps. The box with the light gives the picture plasticity and the empty space between the strips is given more importance. The skyscraper shows the feeling of lightness and a hovering character.

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